The Trident
A Ritual Object of Korean Schamanism
Zanzibar Door
Reminiscence of the old Swahili Culture
Talk with Scholastika
Where there is a will..
Korean Scholars' Hat (gat)
An Artwork for Your Head
Bark Cloth (kiyombo)
Mankind's Oldest Fabric
The Martial Eagle
An Endangered Species
Leaf from the "Herbarium Plantae Coreanae"
The Collection of Fr. Andreas Eckardt
The "Thumb Piano" (ulimba)
A Disturbance for Researcher's Ears
The Japanese Clog (namaksin)
An Import from the Netherlands
An African Guenon in St. Ottilien
High Spirits Seldom Does You Good
We carve our dreams into the wood...
The Makonde Nativity Scene
The African Fish Eagle
A Biologically Not Quite Accurate Exhibit
The String Drum (kijao)
An Uncanny Instrument
The Korean Weddings Ducks / Wedding Geese
An Old Marriage Ritual
The Great Diorama and its Animals
The Baboon
Terracotta Heads
Four Terracotta Heads from Ife - Nigeria
Map of the World
„Gonyeo jeondo“ derived from Ferdinand Verbiest