Our guided tours

You want to visit our Museum with a small group or organize an excursion?

We offer guided tours through the Museum in English and German. Consult us if you'll want to set thematic priorities in your guided tour; we will we happy to advise you.

Group sizes

Adults: 1 to 25 persons
  Groups with more than 25 persons can be divided and guided in parallel tours.
Children and youth groups, classes: class size


  Duration 1 - 10 persons More than 10 persons
Standard Tour 60 minutes 35,- € 50,- €
Premium Tour 90 minutes 45,- € 70,- €
Classes 60 minutes   50,- €

The fee has to be paid cash before the tour starts; please notice that we currently do not accept credit cards or EC-cards.


Please get in touch with us via kontakt[at]missionsmuseum.de at least three weeks before your planned tour.


In case you are looking for a gift you can acquire a voucher from the Museum guard. The value of the voucher depends on the duration of the tour and on the number of persons.

You can also get a voucher for a part of the fee. The rest can be paid cash at the start of the tour.

The voucher is valid for 3 years.