Do you want to give somebody a museum tour as a special gift?

For fans of our Museum who love to come again or for newcomers who do not yet know our collection; as a present for friends and colleagues or for a children's birthday party - a guided tour provides detailed background information and interesting stories about the objects.

Book a tour from our standard program or choose a topic from the Museum's collections as masks, Korea, animals of East Africa, life of the missionaries and many more.

We are looking forward to your suggestions.


Buy a voucher on site

You can buy a voucher for all tours and events in the museum; prices are here.

It is also possible to acquire a voucher for only part of the cost. The rest can be paid in cash before the tour starts. Before the guided tour starts, show the voucher to the tour guide.

You can choose from 5 different voucher motifs.

Please contact the museum staff if you want to acquire a voucher.