The Museum's collections on two levels and 650 square meters cover three major areas.

  • The ethnological collections include about 1000 exhibits from the St.Ottilien Benedictine mission areas in East and South Africa, respectively in Korea.
    On display are everyday objects used for household, food procurement and crafts; clothes, adornments, weapons and musical instruments; masks and African woodcarvings and Korean porcelaine from different epochs.

  • The natural history collection presents 300 stuffed animals from the period between 1890 and 1920, predominantly from East Africa.

  • Selected exhibits inform about the St. Ottilien Archabbey's history and mission. In the basement, visitors can view short movies shot by Archabbot Norbert Weber in the 1920s about everyday life in Africa and Korea.

At regular intervals we choose one of the collection's exhibits and present it in detail on our Opens internal link in current windowObject in Focus page. In the Museum you can see the text on display in front of the exhbit.