We consider our objects as ambassadors of other cultures which are allowed to circulate globally.

Objects from the Mission Museum are presented repeatedly at local, national and international exhibitions.


Unter die Haut. Eine regionale Geschichte der Tattoos
7. Juli 2022 - 5. Februar 2023

Under the skin. A regional history of tattoos.
July 7, 2022 - February 5, 2023

Jexhof Farm Museum, Fürstenfeldbruck district, Germany

The special exhibition (German flyer) was supplemented by some scarification objects from the Mission Museum, among them tools for tattooing, a Makonde (Tanzania) bust and a West African helmet mask.

Treasures of Ours. Journey of Korean Cultural Heritage
7. Juli - 25. September 2022

July, 7 - September 25, 2022

National Palace Museum of Korea, Seoul, Korea

Due to historical developments, numerous Korean cultural goods were brought to museums and collections of 25 Asian, European and North American countries during the last 100 years. The Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation's 10-year anniversary exhibition had many objects returned to Korea on display, among them several donations from the Mission Museum.

Kabinettausstellung New Acquisitions & Conservation
30. Oktober - November 2019

Showcase Exhibition New Acquisitions & Conservation
October 30 - November 2019

National Folk Museum of Korea, Seoul, Korea

The exhibition was dedicated to objects acquired or restored from collections outside of Korea during the last few years

From the Mission Museum, a dallyeong was presented. This ceremonial coat of an official with embroidered breast plate was worn by men of all social ranks during the wedding ceremony. The Mission Museum donated the dallyeong in 2018 to the National Folk Museum where it was restored.

Restoring the Legacy of Korean Paintings
11. September - 13. Oktober 2019

September 11 - October 13, 2019

National Palace Museum, Seoul, Korea

The special exhibition showed 12 paintings from 6 international museums restored recently by Korean experts. The Mission Museum contributes to the exhibition with 5 paintings, among them three leather brush painting scrolls.

Diamond Mountains - Travel and Nostalgia in Korean Art
7. Februar - 20. Mai 2018

February 7 - May 20, 2018

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

The Diamond Mountains, situated on North Korean territory, set the scene for the exhibition. On display from the Mission Museum was a silk painting from the 18th century by famous painter Jeong Seon (1676-1759), which is, together with an album of 20 other paintings on permanent loan at the National Museum of Korea.

Hilfe für die Heiden - Übersee-Mission, Heimat und das Bild von Afrika
2. Dezember 2016 - 29. Januar 2017

Help for the Heathens - Overseas Mission and the view to Africa
December 2, 2016 - January 29, 2017

Jexhof Farm Museum, Fürstenfeldbruck district, Germany

The special exhibition took a close look at St. Ottilien's missionary work in Africa, the living environment of the missionaries, the support from the homeland and the frequently conveyed image of Africa at the beginning of the 20th century. Numerous photos, buffalo horns, a Makonde woodcarving and other objects came as a loan from St. Ottilien's archive and the Mission Museum.

Ode an das Kleine Osttor
8. August - 31. Oktober 2014

Ode to the Small East Gate
August 8 - October 31, 2014

Seoul Museum of History, Seoul, Korea

The exhibition was conceived for Pope Francis' Korea visit. From the St. Ottilien Archabbey's archive, photos and drawings were presented showing the start of the Missionary Benedictines at St. Benedict Abbey in Seoul from 1909.

The Return of the Album of Gyeomjae Jeong Seon
26. November 2013 - 2. Februar 2014

November 26, 2013 - February 2, 2014

National Palace Museum, Seoul, Korea

An album of 21 paintings on silk by Jeong Seon (1676-1759) was given from St. Ottilien Archabbey to Seoul's National Museum in 2010 as a permant loan. In the same year, the paintings were presented to the public for the first time.

The Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation directed the 2013/14 exhibition and published a series of articles about the subject.

Entdeckung Korea! - Schätze aus deutschen Museen
26. März 2011 - 17. Februar 2013

Discovery Korea! - Treasures from German Museums
March 26, 2011 - February 17, 2013

Travelling exhibition (German website) with objects from German collections in 4 museums:

Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst Cologne, 26.03 - 17.07 2011
Grassi Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig, 17.02- 27.05 2012
Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt a.M., 28.06 - 9.09 2012
Linden-Museum Stuttgart, 17.11.2012 - 17.02.2013

Based on an initiative of Korea Foundation, 10 German museums contributed to the travelling exhibition. Eminent Korean objects from German collections were presented to the public. From the Mission Museum's inventory, among other objects, the Red Harness' brass helmet was on display.

Im Land der Morgenstille - 100 Jahre Missionsbenediktiner in Korea
7. März - 7. Juni 2009

In the Land of the Morning Calm - 100 years Missionary Benedictines in Korea
March 7 - June 7, 2009

Abbey Gallery St. Ottilien, Germany

In 1909, the first Missionary Benedictines came to Korea and founded St. Benedict Abbey in Seoul. From this foundation, Waegwan Abbey with its subsidiaries evolved, which today plays an important role in the Korean Church. An exhibition on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary at St. Ottilien's Abbey Gallery demonstrated with photos, films and other exhibits the eventful history of the Missionary Benedictines in Korea.